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Stefano Piotto

Chemist and bioinformatician. He got a Master in Chemistry at Univ. Rome, and PhD in Materials Science at ETH Zurich. He is Ass. Prof. at Univ. Salerno, and he is the CEO and cofounder of SmartVase Srl, active on biomaterials.

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Simona concilio

Simona is an Industrial Chemist. She received her Master and PhD in Chemical Science at University of Napoli “Federico II”. She worked at ETH Zurich. She is Ass. Professor at Univ. Salerno. She works on synthesis of biomaterials and metallorganic compounds. She is co-founder of SmartVase Srl.

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Lucia Sessa

Lucia received a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science in 2014 from the Univ. of Salerno. She worked at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). She is an expert in drug design and she is co-founder of SmartVase Srl.

Luigi Di Biasi

Luigi is a computer scientist skilled in code development for biology problems. He developed methods to treat with large dataset, and with distributed computing. He studied in Univ. Salerno, and he is also cofounder of Arrowsoft srl.

Rosaura Parisi

PHD students – Bioinformatics, algorithms, AMPs


Master student. Biomembranes simulations.

Rosa Iannone

Master student. Drug design


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